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Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

Playgroup Northern Territory is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all persons who use our services.

Playgroup Northern Territory acknowledges the value of children and we require parents, care givers, volunteers and employees to treat children with respect and understanding at all times.

The Volunteers, Playgroups and Members shall:

  • Act ethically at all times and in the best interest of Playgroup Northern Territory, its Vision, Mission and Values
  • Strive to understand and respect each other’s roles and responsibilities and the contribution each person makes to Playgroup Northern Territory
  • Conduct themselves professionally and in accordance with the Playgroup Northern Territory policies and procedures.
  • Respect and value difference and respect the privacy and confidentiality of members.
  • Act to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children who participate in Playgroups or use our services.
  • Acknowledge the value of children and require parents, care givers, volunteers and staff to treat children with respect and understanding at all times.

If you have provided an email address from time to time Playgroup Northern Territory will send out electronic communications which you may receive. You will have the ability to unsubscribe from these communications.

Playgroups and Members Duty of Care

Parents and care givers have a duty of care to all members of the public, including children, whilst attending Playgroup. All efforts should be made to avoid situations where it can be proven that your actions were negligent.

Parents and care givers are fully responsible for the safety and discipline of their own children and/or those in their care, and they should take all necessary steps to ensure accidents do not happen. Children should be supervised at all times. Supervision of children should always be by a specific, responsible adult who has agreed with the parents to take care of the child. Child minding is not part of Playgroup. It is the duty of all individuals to ensure they protect the children in their care from injury.

Refunding Membership

Playgroup Northern Territory By-Laws state that a request for a refund can be made to Playgroup’s Chief Executive Officer if-:

  • The member produces proof of payment of the prescribed fee such as a membership card or receipt; and
  • The member has attended Playgroup less than four (4) times in any one year; or
  • The person is dissatisfied with the service provided and cannot be placed in another Playgroup within close proximity; or
  • The member is able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances that would prevent the person continuing to attend Playgroup; and/or
  • The Board of Management disaffiliates the member’s Playgroup thereby rendering the membership invalid.

The information that we collect from you on this form includes your personal information. Your personal information is protected by law, including by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. The client management system that we are using is an IT system called the ‘DSS Data Exchange’. This system is hosted by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Your personal information that is stored by the Department on the DSS Data Exchange will only be disclosed to us for the purposes of managing your case. The Department de-identifies and aggregates data in the DSS Data Exchange to produce information for policy development, grants programme administration, and research and evaluation purposes. This includes producing 12 reports for sharing with service providers. This information will not include information that identifies you, or information that can be used to re-identify you, in any way. You can find more information about the way the Department will manage your personal information in the Department’s APP privacy policy, which the Department has published on its website. This policy contains information about how you may access the personal information about you that is stored on the DSS Data Exchange and seek correction of that information. This policy also includes information about how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by the Department, and how the Department will deal with your complaint. For more information visit https://dex.dss.gov.au/policy-guidance/information_for_clients_on_privacy/