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If the answer to your question is not included in this list, please contact our friendly staff for assistance.

Where are playgroups held?

Playgroups are held in various locations across the NT. Visit the Find a Playgroup page to see which playgroups are on offer near you.

How do I know which playgroup to go to? Which one suits my needs?

Choosing a playgroup can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what they’re like or who they’re for. Visit About Playgroups for summaries of all our supported playgroups (for specific groups, run by Playgroup NT staff) and an overview of community playgroups (run by volunteers). Before becoming a member you are entitled to two free visits in order to find a playgroup that meets your family’s needs. When you become a member, you can attend most playgroups, so you’ll have even more flexibility. There are playgroups in lots of locations across the NT, and you can find one near you on the Find a Playgroup page. If you want to organise a new playgroup based on your location, interests or needs, you can start your own. You can also link an existing playgroup to Playgroup NT.

How old do my children need to be to attend playgroup?

Playgroup is open to children from birth to five (0-5) years of age. Playconnect playgroups are an exception to this rule, and welcome children from birth to six (0-6) years of age.

Can I attend playgroup with a child if I am not their parent?

Yes. Playgroup welcomes guardians, parents, and adults who have the permission of the child’s custodial caregiver. Our playgroups and our communities benefit when everyone who is involved with a child is making a positive impact on their development, and playgroup is a great place for people of all ages and situations to make friends, have fun and learn through play.

What is the cost of playgroup?

The cost of each playgroup varies. Some are free, as they are funded by Australian Federal Government initiatives. These are usually the supported playgroups. Community playgroups usually cost $3-$5, to cover running costs such as facility rent, resources for the group, cleaning supplies and any food. Visit the About Playgroups or Find a Playgroup pages to learn more about a particular playgroup.

Do I need to arrive exactly on time? Can I leave early?

Playgroups normally run for two hours, and you are welcome to arrive and leave with your child/ren as you wish during this time. Playgroups are designed to meet your family’s needs, and whether you stay for two hours or pop in for a quick hello you will be welcomed and valued as part of the playgroup community.

Can I leave my child at playgroup and pick them up at the end?

Parents and caregivers benefit from playgroup as much as the children, and are required to remain at playgroup with their child/ren until they wish to leave together. Playgroup is a welcoming, non-judgemental, caring environment, and if parents or caregivers are feeling overwhelmed they are encouraged to exchange tips, feelings and questions with other members of the group or Playgroup NT staff. Everyone is supported at playgroup, and socialising with other adults is important for anyone raising or caring for a child.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership costs $20 for a full calendar year or $10 for a half calendar year. Concession costs are $10 for a full calendar year or $5 for a half calendar year. Note that Memberships follow a calendar year, rather than 12 or 6 month periods. This means that all full year memberships expire in December regardless of when they were purchased, and all half year memberships expire in the nearest June or December after they were purchased. Visit the Become a Member page to join our community and access member benefits.

When I become a member, do I still need to pay the playgroup fee each week?

Yes. Playgroup fees cover the costs of the playgroup they were collected at, such as facility rent, resources, cleaning supplies and food. Membership covers you and your family for insurance.

How do I start my own playgroup?

Please visit our Start a Playgroup page for information on creating a group that suits your needs.

How do I link my existing playgroup to Playgroup NT?

Please visit our Link Your Playgroup page for information on connecting an existing playgroup with Playgroup NT. We look forward to working with you.